Azul Freediving Challenge competition

The Azul Freediving Challenge is an intermediary competition with a maximum depth of 80m, organized by our friends from the Pranamaya freediving school in Playa del Carmen. It is perfect for beginners and advanced freedivers who want to discover the world of freediving competition.

Many important members of the freediving community in the Riviera Maya, such as the Cancun Freediving school, participate as sponsors and safety staff during the competition.

Azul freediving Challenge wants to be a fun competition where every freediver can have fun and share his experiences.

During 3 days, athletes will try to do their best to score points and make it to the podium. Winners will get prizes from the sponsors during the closing ceremony!

This AIDA official competition is open to all certified freedivers, so don t miss your chance !

Pre requisites:
  • Any freediving certification
Start date: 2022-09-22
End date: 2022-09-25