Bull shark tour

Every year during the winter, between November and February, bull sharks can be seen in the area of Playa del Carmen.

The bull sharks that come to Playa del Carmen are actually pregnant female sharks, they stay around for a couple of months before they continue their journey to the place where they give birth.

There are many tourists that go scuba diving with these amazing creatures, but there are just a few of them that are able to see them during a freediving experience.

This experience is for intermediate freedivers that are able to feel comfortable at a depth of 25 m (75 ft) and be able to perform a short static at the bottom.

This tour is only available during specific days, if the weather is appropriate. It is hard to know in advance, so make some room to change your schedule if necessary.

Pre requisites:
  • Be a certified freediver
  • Be able to comfortably perfom a 20s static dive at -25 m.