Cenote Training

If you are a certified freediver planning to come to Mexico, specifically to the Riviera Maya, and you're looking for amazing spots to practice especially for depth, such as lung and diaphragm flexibility and equalization, then our training sessions are perfect for you.

Most of our deep training sessions are conducted in cenotes which have crystal clear water throughout the year and there's is no current, making them ideal for training.

Depending on your goals we choose a cenote with the appropriate conditions, such as visibility, depth, size, temperature and location.

We take care of transportation, any equipment you might be needing, water, a snack, a training buoy with a line, lanyard, and of course, the most important, we will take care of your safety.

Note: The price is dependent of the particular cenote we're visiting, because entrance fees and distance to the city varies greatly.

Pre requisites:
  • Having any freediving certification
Price: $100 USD