Whale shark tour

During the months of summer, the whale shark arrives to our waters to have a feast on plankton.

Gathering in groups as large as 100 members, you can swim with these majestic fish as in few other places in the world.

Thanks to the clarity and warmth of the Caribbean, this is a show in which to marvel by their enormous dimensions (they can be up to 40 ft long); their distinctive “check board” white spots and wide mouths that are opened to swallow massive amounts of water at a time.

Due to their docile and peaceful nature, there is no risk to swim with them in a unique opportunity to interact with these magnificent giants in a serene and certainly unforgettable manner. This trip is highly recommended for underwater photographers and videographers.

Start date: 2021-05-17
End date: 2021-09-17
Price: $150 USD